Asset Management

As a leader, you must protect and develop your company. But what are you doing to protect your future and that of your surroundings?

Optimize, protect and watch over your interests!

ANDRÉ & ASSOCIÉS and its wealth management department oversees, preserves and optimizes your personal assets. We also protect your surroundings and your employees.


What’s the purpose of an asset management service?

• Heritage Strategy Consulting
• Financial investment advice
• Protection of your personal assets
• Look for the most appropriate financial services
• Optimize your compensation, your future retirement
• Find the most suitable insurance for you and your employees
• Properly transmit your assets to your descendants
• Wealth management

The + of André & Associés 

The products we offer are carefully studied and selected from among the best offers on the market.

Our asset managers are certified and registered at ORIAS as insurance brokers, financial investment advisers, and intermediaries in banking and payment services.


Examples of asset management missions

•  Retirement audits
• Contingency audits
• Asset balance sheet summary
• Employee insurance
• Executive insurance
• Transmission of assets
• Advice concerning charitable donations
• Financial investments
• Stock / Bond Portfolio Management



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