Our Strategy

Added value

Our success is your success. We put all our resources in place to respond to your problems in order to satisfy you.

The overall satisfaction rate of the firm is at 98.1% according to our latest customer satisfaction survey (2014).


Attentive to developments in your industry, we are involved with you in your projects. We are always closeby when needed.

HR second to none

Since the founding of the firm, our recruitment policy has been based on selecting the cream of the crop, keeping in mind the development and perfectionment of our services.


An international dynamic runs through the firm and we work with high potential countries.

Our website, www.investirnafranca.com, intended for Brazilian investors aims is to support Brazilian companies and individuals.


Environment: Dematerialization is one of our great daily battles. We have set up some tools to reduce our energy consumption, paper needs and consumables.

In addition, since 2013, we have been offering online software to our customers.

People: Recognizing the importance of the involvement of all team members, we actively listen to our employees and assist them in their personal projects.


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